Wherever there are people, there will be conflict.

L&S Threat Management offers threat assessment and management services for every work environment

Have you or one of your staff experienced stalking, bullying, or threats of violence at work? L&S Threat Management can help you to enhance personal safety, manage fear, restore productivity and promote well-being in your workplace environment. We live in a society characterised by violence and conflict. Many of our lives have been touched by threatening behaviour and violent crime, and increasingly so in a work environment.

What we can offer your business


We offer courses in various
aspects of threat assessment and management.


Development and implementation
of preventative workplace threat strategies.


Already facing an active threat?
We can provide operational threat profiling.


Determine the factors that
contributed to an incident that has
already occurred.

What is threat assessment?

A proper threat assessment involves three steps


We help you to flag a possible threat, and then to identify what kind of threat it is.


We analyse the threat risk level, the possibility of violence and the appropriate reaction.


We create strategies to counter the threats of violence, and monitor any threat level changes.

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